The Difference

The Difference...

Upon the request of our business coach, we contacted several of our past clients who have utilized our services or referred us to new clients over and over. We asked them to share with us what they felt our "Difference Factor" was when compared to other real estate service providers/experiences. We were positively overwhelmed with their gracious responses and hope you don't mind us sharing them here (these are pure unedited responses):

• For us, it’s probably your broad area that you cover and knowledge of that area. Excellent communication skills, strong with social media. Maybe you could get a billboard, airplane banner, or sponsor the Wild!

• For me as a new homebuyer your ‘Difference Factor’ was being super approachable, were more than willing to explain the process, what different things meant or how they functioned, while making suggestions that would benefit me in the future. For example, the home warranty and radon testing needed to get a radon mitigation system installed. You really used your experience in the business to do everything you could to get me into a house that has since turned into my home!

• Good evening Eric! I’m a day late and dollar short. Lol. But as promised here is what we think your difference factor is. But we can’t do it in one sentence. First, you’re always in a positive frame of mind and always upbeat. This makes you easy to be around and someone we looked forward to seeing each time. That leads into the next thing, you are consistent. Regardless of how many houses we needed or wanted to see or how many times we wanted to see them, you were willing and able with that positive attitude and energy. You never made us feel like we were too much or asking for too much. The next thing was communication. You are great at it! You explained things in a way we understood and you would always admit if you didn’t know something but you always found the answer and shared it with us. No obstacle was too big. You were timely with your communication and we never felt out of the loop or in the dark. And finally, you’re not a “used car salesman”. Lol. You are genuine and kind. You wanted us to find the right home for us and you listened to what we were looking for and offered suggestions and ideas all along. You are down to earth and you made the whole process fun and exciting instead of overwhelming and difficult. You did the work for us and we truly appreciate it!! Sorry it’s not one sentence. And please know these are the things that first came to mind as we compared you to other realtors we’ve worked with or interacted with. Which has been quite a few over the years. :) and now we don’t have to work with anyone else in the future!!

• Eric Newman…”difference factor”: Your educated enthusiasm and networked approach is the factor that sets you apart. Your knowledge of the market place and sincere dedication to our success is the difference factor when comparing you to other realtors I am familiar with. You made us feel like family and you go the extra mile to make sure we are taken care of.

• I felt you were very knowledgeable about the entire home buying process. We feel you are very trustworthy, and we were comfortable having you take the lead with everything! I think most of that came into play when meeting you and understanding that your personality was in line with ours, making the entire process more personable.

• We would love to share with you our thoughts on your Difference Factor! 1) We felt supported the ENTIRE process. Even when we weren't actively looking, you were quick to answer any questions that came up. 2) Several times we commented on how grateful we were for your expertise. We encountered some unique situations and know that you went the extra mile to get answers and clarification. 3) We know you were pulled in many directions but you made us feel valued. We really appreciated your thoroughness and attentiveness!

• You are genuine, honest, trustworthy, a good listener and dependable. I really appreciated that you were empathetic to the emotions that I had ‘ when letting go’ of my childhood home. I could not have asked for a better realtor professional.

• Honest and trustworthy, I had 100% confidence that you would give me your honest opinion!

• Your personality absolutely sets you apart and you are great to do business with, but the biggest differentiator in my opinion is that you will challenge us when making our decision to purchase a home. Of course you want to sell us a home but your were more worried about helping us make a good decision for our family not just today but for the years ahead. You challenged us to stop and think about how would we live in the house, was the square footage and layout going to meet our needs. You made it about us and not you!

• When we bought a house in Minnesota, you took videos and narrated the flow thru the house when we couldn't be there in person. You took the time to look over everything and even review the house for flaws. Even after we bought, you have followed up, offered support and made us feel welcome. I suspect there are few Realtors at this level that have now become a friend.

• Love that you have a business coach! 1) you have realistic price points/prices for homes. (Don't over state a price of a home or area) 2) you know how to pay attention to details. (Paperwork, staging, timelines, etc) 3) you have excellent communication skills 4) you hire a fantastic photographer.

• You are a wonderful communicator. You get 5 stars. You were very professional and friendly. You carried through on everything that you said you would do. Also knowledgeable about the area the house was located and provided good advice.